About Us

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The Sobriety Center has provided shelter for residents of the Kitchener/Waterloo and GTA areas on occasion. The center sponsors numerous families with Christmas and Easter hampers and clothing allowances. The Sobriety Center has extended its hands and assisted people in places like Brampton, Toronto, Orangeville, Calgary, Alberta, Surrey, British Columbia, Gatineau, Quebec, and Markham, Ontario. Numerous families have received assistance from our centre as a result of our efforts to help the needy in downtown Guelph.

No one was ever turned away from the food we provided to the community as a whole. We’ve assisted major corporations with their Employee Assistance Program. Social workers have received job placements from the Sobriety Center. Since its founding in 1995, we’ve assisted the Toronto Police Drive to donate toys to children in the GTA. The Sobriety Center has offered a one-year breakfast programme and services during probation-community hours to residents of Sainte-Marie.