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Successful Outpatient Treatment

Hi, I am from Cape Breton, a once beautiful place, now taken over from prescription drugs. I would like to share my story to to be of an assistance to anyone out there who is suffering from any type of addiction. If one person will get sober or I can help one person in this world by sharing my personal story it will all be worth it. I myself has also dealt with an addiction, an addiction to a drug called Oxy Contin. I was brought up in a home by a mother who never once had anything nice to me, the only sanity I had was my father. When my parents divorced when I was 12 I was sent to live with my mother and that’s when it started. I just tried Oxys as a recreational thing, maybe because everyone else was doing it, maybe trying to fit in, to be honest I dont know what went through my mind when I snorted that first pill. I did then the odd time here and there and then one day I woke up and did not feel right. I was then feeling what was called “Dope Sick” I was now powerless over this drug.I started using everyday, which then turned into all day. I was using 400 to 450 mgs a day and probably more if I was able to afford it. Also not only did I suffer from this addiction my boyfriend did as well. It was the 2 of us in the exact same state. We began stealing anything I could from anyone we could. When that was enough we started dealing drugs to pay for the other drugs and just ended up doing the drugs we were dealing. To even allowing a drug dealer to sleep on our couch if he would give me us a pill once a week. This went on for about 2 years. I was at a desperate, low, humilating state. But things got much worse, I became pregnant. I then said I was done with drugs I would not let this child suffer on my behalf. I immediatly checked into a detox facility and began my rehabilitation. I tried so hard to get my life back. I felt so good for once in my life I was able to feel good about myself. I went back to my house with my boyfriend who was still using but knew we wanted this baby. He got clean on his own he layed in bed for a month straight and finally things starting looking good. We were sober together. About a month of being sober I woke up in alot of pain. I was rushed to the hospital. I lost the baby. I felt like I could not do anything right. I felt like no matter what I did in life nothing would ever allow me to be happy. However, I still stayed sober I have not once relapsed. I have been clean almost 3 years ( 3 years July 4th ) and I have a 5 month old baby and could not be happier. I am still with the same boyfriend we both are sober and sober together. We have a family. Being sober brought me back to life. I was at a state where I didn’t care about life or being alive, but then being sober made me realize everyone has problems but not everyone uses drugs to escape those problems. I hope to be an addiction councilor one day to help those who suffer from addiction because it does not matter who you are, who your parents are, nothing matters, addiction can happen to anyone. I hope my story can help & thanks for letting me share it:)