Shared Stories

Hi, my name is different, but the story is the same. Alcohol ruined my life, I really had to hit the “rock bottom” before I realized that all I loved was gone. A few months and several tries at being on the wagon later, I finally “got it!” I have been sober now for 8 years, I am happy, my family are back in my life, and I have the support from my new friends, the right kind of support. It was scarey at first ,to admit being powerless over something in my life. I was physically and emotionally drained going through the steps. But I have to say, I am very happy and content with the end product. I mean, what is worth having that you didn’t have to work for? I owe my life to Mr. Benoit… you were an honest breath of fresh air, when I needed it. You helped me achieve the knowlegde and strength that I needed to achieve my goals. Although I no longer life in Ontario, I speak of your kindness and patience, and a wonderful place ,now known as The Sobriety Center… Thank you once again and may God bless and keep you all.
Patricia W.