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Sucessful Recovery

I swear “a friend of Sobriety center”, our stories could be one. I too, was a physical drunk… drank not because of problems or a difficult life, I drank to get drunk, I loved the taste of beer. I loved going out and dancing, talking to people.When I decided that the blackouts and hangovers were enough , I didn’t want alcohol to take away the one thing I loved most, and that was going out and socializing with friends. I was strong and able to go out to social events and not drink. I talked to friends and family about my decision to quit and they stood behind me. Sure I have people that thought I was going to slip because I still went out, but I guess we were part of the few that can still do what we were doing and quit the habit. I know there are people out there that choose not to put themselves in a situation where they could be tempted, and I respect their decision but eveyone has different ways of coping/dealing with their addiction. I judge no one and I would hope that no one would judge me. I am very proud of my sobriety , I hold the last 7 years close to my heart. Good luck to you all. Blessed be. Jasmine C. , Toronto,ON.

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